Industrial Carting

We are a third-generation waste and recycling company based in Downtown Brooklyn providing services to businesses throughout the Brooklyn West Commercial Waste Zone. 

Along with our company-owned recycling facility, we employ a long-tenured diverse staff of 25 unionized employees. 

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1933 Trash collection in New York

Almost 100 years of Waste Removal

Our Story
Industrial Carting’s roots date back to 1930, using a horse and wagon to collect burlap bags of waste materials, such as leather, paper, and textiles from factories in SOHO.  As these factories moved uptown to areas which became known as Flat Iron, the Garment Center, and Fur and Flower districts, the company followed, operating a recycling facility in a two-story former stable on West 37th St.  A second location for recycling of vinyl and other plastics was opened in Brooklyn.  

In 1974 the company moved to its current location in Downtown Brooklyn, which has been in operation as a recycling facility pre-dating WWII.  From this site, the company serviced Manhattan and industrial Brooklyn collecting trash and recycling paper and cardboard.

In 1996, the company expanded to service niche garment manufacturers by recycling textile waste.  To date, more than 500 million pounds has been collected, baled and shipped to textile mills domestically and internationally for use in the automotive, mattress, sound absorption, carpet underpadding, boxing heavy bag stuffing, blanket weaving and fiber re-spinning industries.

The local apparel industry has since disappeared and today, Industrial Carting provides waste removal services to businesses in Brooklyn, recycling a large percentage of waste for office buildings, small manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Our Executive Team

Three Generations of Service To Brooklyn

Our long tenured executive team has experience in waste removal, recycling and sustainability dating back five decades.  But our past is not what sets us apart, it's our commitment to making a difference in creating a more sustainable future.

Health and Safety

Industrial Carting is committed to providing a safe environment for its staff and the general public. We reinforce a culture of safety by providing our employees an extensive safety training program.
Established Corporate Procedures, Code of Safe Practices and Emergency Action Plan.
Ongoing Safety training program that follows the guidelines set forth in Local Law 199 includes both classroom & practical training.
Safety Operations Manual and Employee Safety Handbook reviewed and signed by every employee.
Safety Committee includes management and employees from various aspects of the
operation and a safety professional meets regularly.
Safety culture includes guest speakers and routine safety discussions.

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