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NYC is transforming the commercial waste removal industry and Industrial Carting is here to help. 

Since the passage of Local Law 199, Industrial Carting has been working with customers, local business improvement districts, community boards and elected officials to educate and inform them about the law’s content and intended benefits. We are committed to educating our customers to maximize their contribution to the circular economy and reduce the overall environmental impact.

Brooklyn West

Commercial Waste Zone Outreach

About Commercial Waste Zones
  • In 2019, officials passed Local Law 199 requiring the establishment of Commercial Waste Zones throughout New York City.  The city-wide program creates 20 geographic zones, each serviced by up to three waste companies.  Customers must comply with new contracting, billing, and environmental regulations.
  • The Commercial Waste Zones (CWZ) program creates a safe and efficient commercial waste collection system that advances the City’s Green New Deal and zero waste goals while providing high-quality, low-cost service to NYC businesses.
  • Industrial Carting is an approved service provider for the Brooklyn West zone.
  • Contact us to find out what zone you are in.
CWZ Education & Outreach
  • Since the passage of Local Law 199, Industrial Carting has operated an education campaign to ensure Brooklyn West businesses, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Chambers of Commerce, local Community Boards, and local elected officials all understand the changes to the way commercial waste will be managed. Local officials continue to look to Industrial Carting as the expert on this topic.
  • Contact Us to schedule an information session.

Let’s Keep More Material Out Of Landfills

We help businesses adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices. Contact Us to schedule a consultation to determine a plan for collecting recyclables that works for your business.  
Cardboard & Paper
Cardboard & Paper

Cardboard and paper are collected by Industrial Carting and recycled at its sister company owned recycling facility.  With the help of a cardboard baler or compactor, it can be condensed to take up less space between pickups.





Construction & Demolition Waste
Construction & Demolition Waste

This waste is collected and brought to licensed construction and demolition recycling facilities with the goal to reclaim eligible materials for reuse and recycling.







Food Scraps / Organics
Food Scraps / Organics
Industrial Carting will collect organics and leverage our food recovery and diversion partners to maximize their environmental benefit. If your business is a food-waste generating establishment that produces more than the minimum requirement you are required by law to separate organic waste from all other material so that it may be recycled for beneficial use.  
Fabric Scraps / Textile Cuttings
Fabric Scraps / Textile Cuttings

Industrial Carting is the sole recycler of textile cuttings from garment manufacturers.  If textile cuttings make up more than 10% of your business’s monthly waste, by law your business is required to separate and recycle or repurpose all textile waste.





Metal, Glass and Plastic (Mixed Recyclables MGP)-1
Metal, Glass and Plastic (Mixed Recyclables MGP)

Typically consists of consumer products, such as beverage and food packaging.  Industrial Carting collects and processes with Sims Municipal Recycling.  A mix of these materials is acceptable.





Hard to Recycle Items

Industrial Carting is committed to educating our community to improve recycling and waste diversion practices. Use our list of preferred partners to find out what to do with items that can be more difficult to recycle.
Commercial Capeting Waste
Commercial Carpeting

CarpetCycle, a New Jersey-based company that serves the New York region.



electronic waste
Electronic Waste & Batteries
My Battery Recyclers, a company with its primary consolidation facility within Brooklyn West for transport to its processing facility upstate.
fluorecent lights
Fluorescent Lighting
American Lamp Recycling for the proper management of certain types of lighting fixtures, to include the hard to recycle fluorescents.
Furniture Waste
Furniture, fixtures and equipment

(including excess construction / renovation materials, tools, etc.)

Big Reuse, a nonprofit organization with its primary facility located within Brooklyn West.

Old Paint cans

PaintCare and other paint-recovery operators for excess paint generated by its customers.



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